Since 2014 we partnered up with leading Japanese tea estate Maruyama (means round mountain in Japanese). Our partnership formed from a passion to promote high quality genuine Japanese green teas abroad and dispel the common myth of green tea being only drunk for it's health benefits but actually also for the wonderful umami flavours and aroma. The health benefits are just an added bonus! 

Working closely with Maruyama we chose our range of teas which are top quality but affordable. This quality was demonstrated by 6 of our teas winning gold stars at the Great Taste Awards 2015. 

Maruyama are a family run tea estate established almost a century ago. It's a 4th family generation business and their burning desire for harvesting the best green teas in Japan shines bright. The estate is based in Shizuoka which is infamous in Japan for growing the best green teas. It's the equivalent to Bordeaux in wines! 

Alongside our Tombo Tea range we have our Japanese Café & Matcha Bar which is London's first & only destination for all green tea & matcha lovers.