All of our teas are from Japan. Sourced from the foothills of Mt.Fuji famous for growing the finest green tea leaves. It's the oldest and most prestigious green tea region in Japan. Teaming up with Maruyama tea estate allows us to source the finest Japanese teas and bring to the West. All the teas are filled and freshly packed at the estate and send directly to our HQ in London. 

Each tea type is a classic popular green tea in Japan that is drunk daily by all. We have added a little twist to some of our teas to enhance the flavours of each variety. Such as adding Matcha to our Bonsai - Genmaicha, Cherry Blossom to our Sakura - Kukicha and Japanese ginger to our Haiku - Hojicha. 

We do Japanese green teas at their very best. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!