🎊 My Melody & Pom Pom Purin Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 🎊

💝 Due to popular demand we have created more Sanrio Lucky Bags!  💝  To celebrate Chinese New Year we have put together these super Kawaii My Melody & Pompompurin Lucky Bags!  A choice of My Melody or...

£5.95 £4.75

Tombo x Sanrio Evening Bancha Tea

Our Bancha Green Tea has been matured in the foothills of Mount Fuji for 3 years. This maturing process causes the green tea to produce lots of catechins (the bioactive chemical that gives green tea all its...

£5.95 £4.75

Tombo x Sanrio Morning Yuzu Citrus Tea

Yuzu Kukicha is a lighter green tea made using the stems of the tea plant. It is infused with Yuzu lemon to give a zesty uplifting flavour. This is the perfect...


Tombo x Sanrio Ultimate Matcha Powder

Tombo Classic Grade is our award winning everyday ceremonial matcha. Renowned for it's use in Japanese tea ceremonies, meditation and a healthy alternative to coffee. This grade is perfect for matcha...

£16.50 £12.35

Tombo x Sanrio Tote Bag

Choose from either our Tombo x Sanrio Tokyo Night Scene tote bag orTombo x Sanrio classic pink tote bag.

£21.00 – £39.00

🎊 Hello Kitty Chinese New Year Lucky Bag 🎊

To celebrate Chinese New Year we have put together these super Kawaii Lucky Bags! Coming in 2 sizes containing special Japanese imported Hello Kitty merchandise plus our tombo x sanrio limited edition...