Tombo Tea Co. founders Manami & Louis Sloely have always been passionate about Japanese green tea and it’s wide variety of deep flavours, but noticed that when in the UK, it was often a struggle to find genuine, high quality Japanese green tea. So, set to change this, Tombo Tea Co. began.  

Partnering with top tea estate Maruyama-Seicha, Tombo Tea Co. began in 2014, with an ambition to make it known to the UK and Europe that there is so much more depth and flavour to be discovered within the world of Japanese green tea than what is commonly known and that the health benefits that come along with it are just a great added bonus too!

Maruyama, Tombo Tea’s partnering tea estate, is based on the foothills of Mt. Fuji, Shizuoka, an area famous for growing the finest green tea leaves in Japan (it has been dubbed the equivalent to Bordeaux in wines). Maruyama is a family-run tea estate that was established almost a century ago, making it now a 4th family generation business and their burning desire for harvesting the best green teas in Japan shines bright, which is why Tombo Tea knew that they would be the perfect partner.

The partnership with Maruyama tea estate allows Tombo Tea to source the finest Japanese teas and matcha to be directly imported to Europe. All the teas are filled and freshly packed at the estate and then sent straight to Tombo Tea HQ in London.

Each tea type offered is a classic popular green tea in Japan that is drunk daily by all, but with a little Tombo Tea twist to enhance the flavours of each variety. Such as adding Matcha to Bonsai - Genmaicha, Cherry Blossom to Sakura - Kukicha and Japanese ginger to Haiku - Hojicha. Working closely with Maruyama, Tombo Tea Co. chose the range of teas which are top quality but affordable. This quality was demonstrated by 6 of the teas winning gold stars at the Great Taste Awards 2015.

Tombo Tea is all about doing green tea at it’s very best, using Japanese ingredients and promoting Japanese culture, so everyone can enjoy the amazing flavours of Japan!