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        Tombo x Sanrio Ultimate Matcha Powder

        Tombo Classic Grade is our award winning everyday ceremonial matcha. Renowned for it's use in Japanese tea ceremonies, meditation and a healthy alternative to coffee. This grade is perfect for matcha...


        Matcha Latte Mix

        Our Matcha latte mix is perfectly blended with malt sugar to make velvety matcha lattes with ease. Simply whisk 1 tablespoon into some latte milk (lovely with unsweetened almond or soy)....


        Matcha For Baking

        Unique Matcha for baking blended with Chlorella (natural algae, like Spirulina) to retain the vivid green colour that can often be lost when normal matcha is exposed to high heats. Perfect...


        Matcha Ceremonial Grade

        Great Taste Award Winner 2015 Ultimate Matcha Powder Ceremonial Grade For the Matcha connoisseur.  The finest quality first flush Matcha powder is characterised by its wonderful deep green colour and mellow Umami...


        Matcha Classic Grade

        Great Taste Award Winner 2015 Tombo Matcha Classic is a premium grade perfect for daily use. Whisk up a healthy tea, velvety matcha latte or add to your smoothies, juices and yogurts....